Horseback Riding -Greenville ME, Moosehead Lake Region

Horse Lessons, Trail Rides in Greenville Maine- Moosehead Lake Region

                     ROCKIES GOLDEN ACRES


Join us on a trail ride and experience the backwoods of Maine from a very unique perspective.

Our trails include spectacularviews of mountains,ponds, lakes and streams. We often encounter

wildlife such as moose, white-tailed deer, black bear and plenty of the small guys as well.

If you've never experienced a forest from the back of a horse you are in for a special treat.

And if you have you will gain a new appreciation for all that nature has to offer us.

On our trail rides you will only ride with your party keeping it personal. We will try and help you gain

an understanding of the horse and thier personality. If you  have someone too little to control a

horse by themself we will do a "pony ride" in an enclosed wooded area so they get their own personal

trail and if they seem comfortable enough we will explain some of the basics and help them to ride

by themself.


We are a family run, second  generation business running since 1986, Sharing our  love

and understanding of horses with others thru our backyard adventures to have a safe and

enjoyable experience in the middle of God's beautiful country.

We encourage you to give us a call and experience this adventure for yourself. You can

check us out on facebook too.

Just look for Rockies Golden Acres Farm

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We look forward to hearing from you.     

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   Working on our third generation!!